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TL Metal v.1.2 is ready for download

TL GFX 4.7.5 is ready for download

February 14, 2022

We are proud to announce that starting with version 4.7.5, the collection of TL GFX guitar amplifiers has been expanded with a brand new Rndl amp suite!

New Amps - Rndl Amp Suite

Pure high-gain power of American classic

Rndl Lynch Based on the famous Randall Amp | ToneLib GFXRndl T2 Based on the famous Randall Amp | ToneLib GFXRndl Warchief Based on the famous Randall Amp | ToneLib GFX

Famous for their aggressive overdrive, these canonical amps are sure to astonish you. These amps are quite versatile, but are well-known for their ability to produce incredible amount of gain. Bringing a new characteristic sound to the TL GFX, they will add even more variety to your guitar sound palette. Check these amps out right away with the new factory presets.

New Cab

Over 300 hand-drawn impulse responses

Cab sim with over 300 impulse responses | TL GFX

To match this amazing amp suite, we've added a new cabinet with microphone model selection. With this powerful tool, it will be even easier for you to achieve the sound you've been looking for all along. The new cabinet includes over 300 hand-drawn impulse responses that are identical to the original ones. Download the new version of TL GFX and experience the power of the new Rndl amp suite now! 


What's new

  • 3 new Randall-inspired amp sims;
  • Tube Warmth pedal effect;
  • New Cab Sim with over 300 IRs;
  • Support for Windows 11;
  • Support for macOS 12 Monterey.

What's fixed

  • Some minor VST3 issues;
  • AU parameter normalization issue;
  • WASAPI exclusive mode sample rate selection bug;
  • GUI-related hiccups;
  • Total quality of oversampling filters;
  • Windows and Linux hiDPI scaling;
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements.