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TL Metal v.1.2 is ready for download

Meet TL Metal Mega Update

July 29, 2022

Our team is excited to announce that we have finished working on version 1.2 of TL Metal. In this update, we focused on further expanding the arsenal of tools available in the Metal amp suite. With the new effects and amp included in this update, guitarists will have even more room to bring their musical ideas to life and create a top-notch high-gain guitar tone.

New Amp - Mega Black

Pure high-gain power of American classic

Meet Brand New Mega Black Amp - Now available in TL Metal

The Amp sim titled that gave its name to this update, Mega Black is modeled on a true American high-gain classic. Simulating the extreme channel of one of the world's finest amplifiers, it will perfectly complement the TL Metal amp suite. Whether it's used for a chuggy rhythm or a razor-sharp lead, Mega Black will pull out all the stops. Massive solid tone of this amp sim will fit perfectly into any metal mix. Check it out right away with the new factory presets.

New Rack effects

Dual Chorus and Phase Machine - to bring personality to mix 

New rack effect based on AnalogMan Bi-Chorus | TL MetalPhaser which includes 3 best guitar pedals | TL Metal

TL Metal's guitar gear palette has gained two brand-new essential effects. Dual Chorus combines two chorus units to achieve an even richer guitar tone. It includes 4 algorithms for units interaction, allowing you to achieve the most unusual sounds. Phase Machine is here especially for the most daring experiments. Implementing the algorithms of the 3 best known guitar pedals, it's sure to spice your tone up. 

Volume Pedal

Essential for better dynamic control

New volume pedal for better dynamic control | TL Metal

This pedal, simple in its design, allows you to control the signal output. It is designed specifically for use with MIDI Expression pedal. At the same time, you can easily connect it to your mixing console.


What's new

  • New Mega Black amp sim;
  • Dual Chorus rack effect;
  • Phase Machine rack effect;
  • Volume pedal effect.

What's fixed

  • GUI-related hiccups;
  • Custom impulses processing minor bugs;
  • Stability in some DAWs;
  • Total quality of oversampling filters;
  • Optimize CPU usage;
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements.