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Meet newest ToneLib Free Plugins

May 18, 2022

At this challenging time, we'd like to support our users in some way and bring them something new. So we're excited to announce that our team has finished working on the new-style plugins! Meet BassDrive and TubeWarmth! Both of these plugins have been added to the Freeware collection and are already available for free download, so you can have a closer look at them right now.

Full power of the legendary drive pedal for the highest string gauges.

Legendary overdrive pedal in the newest plugin form

Legendary overdrive pedal in the newest plugin form

Designed based on the famous pedal bearing the same name, BassDrive is ready to unleash the true power of the lowest guitar frequencies. Well-known as an excellent overdrive for bass guitars, this effect has found a new wave of popularity in heavy musical genres, where the guitar string gauges have gone far beyond the standard .046. Although this effect was developed primarily for the frequency range of a guitar, this does not limit the range of its application in any way: in the right hands this effect can be useful for creating music of all genres and directions.  Learn more about TL BassDrive.

The vibrancy and warmth of the tube along with the digital precision and clarity - no need to choose one anymore.

Legendary overdrive pedal in the newest plugin form

At the heart of this effect is the desire to achieve a tube sound, with all its inherent roughness and vividness, from a dry digital signal. TubeWarmth adds even-numbered harmonies to the input signal, which contributes to expanding the tone of the instrument, giving it new colors and depth. The gentle tube overdrive further reveals new edges to the sound, emphasizing the new texture of the tone. This seemingly simple effect can be a great addition to any musician's palette.  Learn more about TL TubeWarmth.